Scavenger hunts encourage collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and creativity.


Scavenger hunts are popular in downtown Geneva, Wheaton, St. Charles, and Naperville IL.


Customized lists are prepared to guide teams into stores and landmarks. Teams will receive items from the listed stores or take photos. Stores are contacted to play or the item is generally free to the public.


On the day of the scavenger hunt, an event coordinator guides teams, captures team photos, and declares a winner. The object of the game is to collect everything on your list before the timed deadline.


The Sweetest Adventure – a Mobile Cotton Candy Cart and a sister company to Adventures in Scavenger Hunting would like to help make your event a one-stop shop. Cotton candy is available to purchase as a treat, for swag bags, or for live spinning.

A few of the companies we’ve created customized scavenger hunts for include: