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Scavenger Hunts Redefined


Adventures in Scavenger Hunting is your typical scavenger hunt reminiscent of your childhood.

Spelled out lists guide participants to what they need to find. There are no clues to figure out and no puzzles to piece together.

The end result is FUN!


Each list is customized to the client, allowing hunters a chance to play a new game at every time they join a scavenger hunt!

The simplicity of the game challenges teams to complete the list in a friendly game of competition.

Costumes, team names, and prizes are incentives for a memorable event.


Adventures in Scavenger Hunting will personalize a scavenger hunt to YOU.

Whether it’s for a birthday party or a corporate event, we devote our time to providing a remarkable scavenger hunt.

Every detail and “find” is unique to YOUR scavenger hunt.  This allows hunters the opportunity to play the game endlessly.

Scavenger Hunts can be played in neighborhoods, downtown areas, malls, and schools.

Our scavenger hunts are perfect for birthday and holiday parties; bachelor and bachelorette parties; corporate events and team building; fundraisers and school functions…

Search. collect. play.

A few of the companies we’ve created customized scavenger hunts for include:

Custom Scavenger Hunts

Adventures in Scavenger Hunting creates custom scavenger hunts and brings them to wherever you may be, including towns like Geneva, 
Batavia, St. Charles, 
Aurora, and Naperville in the Fox Valley.

Adventure Awaits

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